Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in Petite Paw Rescue Angels 
and contacting us through our website.  Please read this
thoroughly  BEFORE  applying to adopt.



Please keep in mind that all donations provide IPPRA with the funds for vetting and foster care for ALL our rescues. Adoption donations run between $150 - $450, and is dependent on the health, age and breed of the dog.  IPPRA encourages senior citizens to consider adopting a senior dog.  We consider a toy dog a senior at age 10 and up!  We will offer a discounted adoption donation to anyone over the age of 60 that wants to adopt one of our senior kids. 

  • We provide primary vaccines in dogs under 12

  • We provide rabies vaccines in dogs under 12

  • We provide heartworm testing

  • We provide fecal testing and worming when required

  • We spay or neuter our rescued dogs

  • We provide medical attention for most conditions

  • We do blood work if recommended by the Vet and prior to surgeries in dogs over 10

  • We provide dentals if needed

  • We microchip all fosters under 12

  • We provide health and veterinary care costs for any needy dog

  • We provide a temporary home 

  • We provide food and grooming

  • We exist on unpaid volunteers and donations only

Although the adoption donation is a way to subsidize costs of caring for the numerous dogs we take in, it also serves one greater function.  The adoption donation will put off anybody who is not willing to spend money on their animals. In most cases, our adoption donations do not even cover the costs of the care we provide for our fosters.  We do NOT make any profit whatsoever, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization.  We rely solely on donations to survive.


All adoption applications will be thoroughly reviewed; will need three personal references and a reference from your vet. All of your present pets must be up to date on shots, on heartworm prevention and altered. Homes with Yorkie and Toy Dog experience and fenced in yards are given first preference.  We do NOT adopt to homes with underground or electrical fencing.


A large percentage of our foster dogs are strays from shelters or puppy mills.  We will never know the true age for these dogs.  The ages listed in these circumstances reflects the age that our licensed Veterinarians estimate the dog's ages to be based on their best professional and experienced knowledge.   We cannot be held responsible if two or more different Vets have two or more different opinions.  


Unless you have a strong background with the breed, we are very cautious when adopting to a home with children. Due to the dog's size, personality and because of legal liabilities, we do not adopt our fosters to homes with children under 8 years old .  Each application will be reviewed on case by case basis.


IPPRA DOES NOT SHIP ITS DOGS.  Most of our fosters are located in Indiana or within 60 miles of each sister state border. Please be advised that due to the high cost of gasoline, we do not transport.  You will be responsible for coming to pick up the dog on adoption day.  Preference is given to local applicants. 


Rescued animals are by no means perfect or show quality. They are usually from Puppy Mills, bad breeding, unwanted, abandoned, sick or old. Almost never will we get in a small young female. Rarely do we have a lot of background on our rescues.

ALL of our rescues will be altered prior to adoptions with no exceptions.  
If after reading all of this and you feel you will qualify to adopt one of our foster kids,  the first step in the Adoption Process is to complete an Application to Adopt.   If you wish to be considered for adoption, please complete this application in its entirety.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed.  Since our objective is to find the best forever home for each of our foster pups, reference checks, veterinary checks and home visits are done on all prospective adoptive homes.   

Fill out our Online Application - Click Here

If you should have any problems with the app, please email us.  thank you.


Please keep in mind that members of IPPRA are volunteers with jobs and families so processing your application could take 1-2 weeks.  Please assure all your references are available for our interview to avoid any delays in the process.  If it is meant to be, it IS worth waiting for.  Be sure to check your email daily.  Thank you for your patience. We look forward to hearing from you.